Friday, May 18, 2007

Cannes You Believe It?

Try the moules. At the table is (L-R) Kevin, Charity from Brain Damage Films, Sarah, who runs the Paris office, Adam, and Alex.

I'm writing this post from an apartment in Cannes this week, giving me the opportunity to work the word "Cannes" into some kind of lame pun. We came here expecting to sell DOD and our doc, "Seasons in the Valley." The good news, of course, is that DOD flew off the shelf (before it was even finished) and we now have a distributor in Allied Entertainment. To sweeten things further, Allied is including the film in their Cannes lineup. We're now focused on selling "Seasons" and have gotten some great leads, and we're taking meetings this week with distributors/sales agents.

We're delivering DOD next week, and then, it's on to the next film. Maggots, which has been "festering" into a fine wine over the last nine months, is showing promise as the heir to the Evil Twins "in-production" throne. No promises on a start date, though.

In the meantime, we're planning to hold a big thank you screening for cast and crew sometime this summer in NYC. We'll keep you in the loop. Anybody know of a good (ie, cheap) theater venue?

I know I speak for Adam, too, when I say how much we appreciate everyone's great work and commitment to this project over the last nine months. This has been a tough film to make, given the (nonexistent) budget, but with everyone's help we did what we set out to do last year, and even exceeded our own expectations. The film looks and sounds great!

Stay Evil.