Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It’s all about the screaming baby.

The funny thing is that once you start cutting a film it’s all about how the story plays out. You leave the script behind and look for the film that makes the most sense in terms of timing. We found that certain places where we shot Richard ( Dan Falcone) during principal photography just didn’t work anymore because of geographical proximity to other characters in the house, and especially to our mean dude Sean.

We ended the week with a small reshoot. Friday we were back in the old house picking up three shots. The house was #*!ing cold! Tim, who was onset to advise about continuity, lost all feeling in his feet and was hobbling around the office for three hours when we got back. Dan had to work in a single shirt and his nipples were hard enough to cut glass. We also picked up a couple of POV shots and then were scurrying back to the warmth of Chatsby. Once there, we mocked up some night shots with Dan and actually shot a couple of additional phone call scenes that we have added. Amazing how we managed to make the wall behind Kevin’s desk look like a derelict house.

Friday and Saturday we recorded ADR with Dan Falcone, Sara Cristal and Elizabeth Jamison. We were covering screaming, death noises, choking on blood, the sound of sex, and a little dialogue. It was fun asking Sara to vocalise her reaction to dildos being thrown on her tummy. She was also able to watch her own death and vocalise that. She looked green the first time I showed her the death. It’s pretty barbaric.

The funniest thing that happened all day was that after the sessions, I always asked the actors which scene they wanted to see? Sara’s request was the Tammy and Brad sex scene! I understand why, it’s sexy and funny. A hot combination!
Evil Iz literally aka Adam.

5.1 Sweet Lord Almighty 5.1

It’s been a very busy few days and there has been a lot going on in the background. We started to interview potential sound designers early last week. We are really thrilled that Chris Drozdowski will be joining the creative team. Chris is an Emmy winning sound mixer and designer who is based in San Francisco. He really stood out with his excitement for the film and with ideas he had about how to create a soundscape for the film that will elevate it. He will actually begin this week with Sound Effects and Foley work. Chris will mix not only a stereo soundtrack but also a 5.1 surround sound mix which is awesome and was never an expectation. It will give the film one more edge in the market. We can safely say that very few films at this budget level have the production values which we are now bringing to the project.

Stay tuned evil ones

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Now this scene is about Brad's manhood, please don't try to overshadow the moment by acting."

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of attention that tanning a member gets. While we have put weeks of time into post production in a multitude of areas, it is the simple mention of Brad Manley's boner that illicits the most response.

Be that as it may, and regardless of the time we have spent privately gazing in wonder at this magnificent member, it is only 9 frames of the 132,480 frames in the completed film (Yes that's one hundred and thirty two thousand four hundred and eighty)

Stay tuned for more news about Brad on Demand.... I mean Death On Demand.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shading Penis

It will go down in the history of expression from Kevin "finished shading the penis".... Ire.

This Week: Strangling Computers, Shading Penises

This is crunch time, people. We have about three to four weeks if we want to make Cannes. Distributors need time to decide if they want this movie and then, if they do, they need time to get their materials together for taking it to market.

Adam Blau is cranking away on a score for this film, and sent us a superdetailed spotting report, showing where he thinks music should go. Almost an hour of music, and songs from bands that our music supervisor will be searching for and licensing over the next couple of weeks.

Recently, Adam (Matalon) was locked in mortal combat with our edit system, specifically, the G5, which has been, as Adam likes to put it, "shitting the bed". I'm not sure who will win the battle, but I believe Adam has a slight edge, as he has arms. The computer cannot throw him out the window.

I spent a couple of hours shading Brad's penis the other day. Four years of film school have not gone wasted. The full benefit of this "tweak" will not be realized until the film hits DVD, and then everyone can wear out the FRAME ADV buttons on their remotes, as they try to determine whether or not the tallywhacker is genuine. Anyway, after finishing the frame by frame paint job, I felt the need to hit Home Depot on the way home to look at hardware I didn't need. I even picked a fight with a dude in the paint department.

Keep reading. We'll try and update more frequently. Our website is undergoing a reboot, as well. We are forming the Chatsby Group as an umbrella for all the companies that we've started, and there'll be new sites for Chatsby Films, ChatsbyKids, and the new ChatsbyMedia, which is our corporate and commercial division. Things are definitely afoot...--KB