Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dread Central

Check out the following from
We'll be updating them on the progress of the film. Check them out for all your horror news.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Horror and Hotties

We heard from Krista Grotte-- who plays Velvet Luv --that she was part of a horror evening in Florida over the weekend. The trailer got screened at Horror & Hotties and apparently there was a nice response. Holy Crap, wait till they see the blood and gore in the final film! It's kicking ass. We had a friend in the office last friday. Mike Dardano is a PR person and he viewed a couple of the death scenes. He was HOWLING IN HORROR.

KB has been overseeing the finishing touches in the thankgiving scene flashback. WOW scary scary scary.

We've also been previewing music and SFX tracks and it's all sounding great. I'm excited.

Friday, March 2, 2007

What is WRONG with you?

Meet Chris D. Our sound Designer. Hard at work or hardly working? You be the judge.
Working hard! This is seriously exciting and a tangible step beyond the hours and hours that we have all been spending in dark rooms looking at very dry footage. Chris D and Adam B have both been uploading sound files which we have been previewing along with the existing cut of the film. I can tell you that it sounds Phat, Fat and Phffaaaaat! Here Chris enjoys a few quiet moments with Gretchen McIntyre in his own dark room just moments before she is brutally bludgeoned to death by a dining room table. I am jealous that Chris gets to work with a large screen version of the film in front of him. He says it looks great and I am ready to believe him!

By the end of today the most up to date sound and video files will be accessible by the creative post team from anywhere in the world via the wonders of FTP. With Adam in LA, Chris in San Francisco and the rest of us in New York -- it's a blessing.

I will be heading out to LA later in the month to deliver screeners and have meetings with some of the potential sales agents for the film.

Later Evil ones