Monday, August 27, 2007

Debt on Demand

It's August, and as we wind down a very hot summer, I look back over the last three months with a certain wistful...

I'll cut the crap now. We parted ways with Allied Entertainment. We had a difference of opinion about how to sell the film to buyers. Cannes came and went. We had a good time (how could we not, it was Cannes, for God's sake) and met a lot of folks in the financial end of things. Many people don't realize that the toughest part of making a movie is raising the financing. And while there are no rules to raising the money for your film, one thing holds true. You need attachments. Who's in it? Who's directing it? These were the most common questions we heard when we pitched our other projects.

We came back with a full head of steam and started pushing ahead with casting choices. We also found a new sales agent in the form of Barry Barnholtz. For the unwashed, Barnholtz Entertainment is the sales agent you want for your horror film in North America. The company has pull with distributors and they can get your film out there. So, we are confident tht there'll be a DVD release. So the moral, my children? Always, always, go for the deal you want.

The film is being repped internationally by DC MEDIAS of France. We met these guys in Cannes. They're young, but very savvy, and we have the feeling they'll be a force to be reckoned with someday.

We had a screening in July at New York Film Academy. About a hundred people showed up, and most of the cast and crew were represented. Even Krista (Velvet Luv) flew up from Florida to see it, which was really cool. The film got a good response. We've also submitted to horror festivals, and will be hearing back soon.

This film, which was supposed to be a no budget, quick-and-dirty money maker, has cost us plenty in time and money. But, overall, it was a good experience. We purchased the script, shot the film, edited it, and sold it (twice) in less than 10 months. We met some cool people, got to play with latex, and added a second feature film to our body of work (after Seasons in the Valley). It's amazing how people suddenly give you the time of day at Cannes when they know you have a finished film in the market.

Don't know what's next. Maybe "Maggots", maybe something else. We're doing a reality show. Just shot the pilot, so that will likely keep us occupied for awhile if all goes as planned. I also need a nap. Not a long one. Just need to shut my eyes for a second and then, it's back into the fray. One thing is for sure, however. The next one will have a budget.