Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Horror and Hotties

We heard from Krista Grotte-- who plays Velvet Luv --that she was part of a horror evening in Florida over the weekend. The trailer got screened at Horror & Hotties and apparently there was a nice response. Holy Crap, wait till they see the blood and gore in the final film! It's kicking ass. We had a friend in the office last friday. Mike Dardano is a PR person and he viewed a couple of the death scenes. He was HOWLING IN HORROR.

KB has been overseeing the finishing touches in the thankgiving scene flashback. WOW scary scary scary.

We've also been previewing music and SFX tracks and it's all sounding great. I'm excited.

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Anonymous said...

Here is the event report for Horror and Hotties over at Dread Central: http://dreadcentral.com/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1536