Wednesday, April 4, 2007

His screen's bigger than mine!

The pic above is of Drozdowski doing foley work on the film.
The film is looking great. Screeners went out last week to LA and beyond to the companies who had already expressed an interest just based on the trailer. The screeners have a first pass audio mix and about 40% of the music with many repeated cues. Even so it's pretty damn cool.

We have already had very positive response and one new worldwide distribution offer! Which---- we are not inclined to accept right now, but it's on the table. The film is very strong and looks far better than any of the others that I can see in the same budget range. It also has it's own voice, the comedy comes through very strongly and the gore is sick.

The music and soundscape work that Adam and Chris have been doing has added another very tangible element to the film.
We expect to be hitting the final mix some time around the end of April beginning of May. Kevin and I head out to Cannes on the 14th of may and we want the finished film in our hands.

I'm sure the actor's are very antsy to see what we have but darlings, you'll just have to be patient!


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