Monday, January 15, 2007

The Hardest Cut of All

So, this our shiny new blog, covering all things Evil. Adam and I will put out new tidbits when we have spare time, so expect the next update to happen sometime in 2009. Just a joke. I mean, we're busy, but nothing delights us more than BLOGGING. Really. So, here goes...

It's Monday, and we're about a day away from finishing the fine cut. Has not been easy. Tim created a rough cut back in December, almost slavishly following the script, so that we could get a handle on what we had for a film. Next, I ran through it with Tim from start-to-almost-finish, and we started cleaning and creating sequences from scratch. Adam followed closely behind, and while I built the Evil Twins website, he and Tim really scoured the film, looking into source footage and recapturing when they couldn't find what was needed in the bin, building performances, and ultimately making a version that'll springboard us into the next phase--scoring, mixing, and FX work, not to mention color correction.

We'll be sending the compressed film in "reels" to Adam Blau in LA, so that he can create the music. He performed miracles for the trailer--and quickly, too. He literally had finished music to us three days after getting the trailer from us. To thank him, we went and expanded the trailer by 30 seconds. Not to be defeated, he added more music to make it work for the new cut. Literally, overnight. So, needless to say, I feel really good about what he's going to do for the film.

There is, of course, urgency to getting this film done. We have several industry folks interested in seeing a screener when it's finished. Plus, we really want to get on with Maggots.

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