Friday, January 19, 2007

Death Defying Patience

Its official, we made it through the first hour of the film! We are looking to lock picture this coming week.
We have actually been cutting a little dialogue. Sorry my darling actors, but we did have a laugh at your expense today wondering if any of you would would scan through to see which of your lines we had cut. I think that everyone has suffered somewhere. The film continues to hover around 90 minutes so it is exactly where we want it to be.
I am also happy that there are a few really laugh out loud moments. The other surprising thing is that the college boys have become fully fledged characters and the party scene adds a dimension we had never realised would be so strong.
Signing off but we'll keep you up to date on Tim's car issues!


Anonymous said...
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Noah Matalon said...

That is totally sick, quite ridiculous, and REALLY awesome!