Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Killing People

So it's Tuesday and I had to leave the office last night about 15 minutes shy of having totally massacred Darla, the lead character in our little opus Death On Demand.

I realized with some degree of glee that while Sean McIntyre (the bad guy) had simply killed his other victims he was in fact toying with Darla just as she had reached the outside world and perhaps her salvation. So I'm sitting here with Tim our editor only moments away from the end of the film luxuriating in the patter and slather of blood as it hits the ground. She's doing her best but I'm not sure if she's going to make it.

I'm feeling pretty good about the cut we have and am looking forward to going back to the beginning and getting very picky about what we have so far.

There is definately some pressure as we have already had some calls from a couple of the sales agents we met at AFM in November and we are aware that we have to get screeners out soon.

Victoria (Bert) is also steaming ahead with some plans for Maggots and we know that we have to try to get into preproduction by early April. We's like to have a trailer for that film by the time we hit Cannes in May.

Stay tuned we'll keep you in the loop

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Romain Chatagneau said...

I am a french horror films fan and after watching the trailer of "Death on Demand", the only thing I have to say is that it looks outstanding. Romain Chatagneau