Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Murder

What is wrong with Mondays?! The day started with two hours cursing Verizon because our internet was down for the second business day in a row and as a result we couldn't transfer files across from our server to burn a DVD for Adam in LA. Got that sorted and then got into the edit. This is the film that will not die. Everytime we think we are going to get through the end of the film we start re-looking at scenes Why? because we got bogged down figuring out the best way to sell Darla's reaction to Brad's penis! No kids it's not that kind of movie but the guy does spend a substantial amount of time with a non stop boner -- the result of a tab of Erecxa. And so when we called it a day today we were still only just murdering Velvet.
We will be getting into some audio editing this week and it looks like we will be adding a music supervisor to the team who will be putting together some great tracks for a soundtrack to support the orchestral wotk Adam is doing. So who knows we might even end up with a soundtrack album at the end of this. That's all I have to say for now. Keep reading and add a comment already!!!


Jeff said...

OMG!!!!! It's great!!!!!!! You out did yourself Adam. This is a HIT!

Mike Pantuso said...

That trailer kicked fucking ass - Good luck with it! -
It's crazy man! Nice hotties too - mike

MonsterInMyCloset said...

A soundtrack as well? Between that and the extensive documentary, this film has more supplemental material than most big budgeted films!